The Holy Grail of All Strollers

I thought finding my single stroller was a challenge – that was nothing compared to finding the perfect double stroller! To go side-by-side or in-line is the first dilemma.  Several of my friends seem to be all about the side-by-side, but I have to admit that I just don’t ever want to have to worry about the likely potential of not fitting through a doorway or aisle. And, on top of that, that’s all it is – a double stroller – there aren’t any other seating options, like an in-line convertible stroller. Yes, I’ve heard that in-line strollers can be more challenging to turn (because they’re longer), but not the one I decided to go with! Making the splurge on our UPPAbaby Vista was probably one of the greatest baby gear related decisions I ever made!

UPPAbaby Vista (specifically the 2015 model) – I’m not going to lie, I tried my damnedest to refrain from falling in love with this stroller. I avoided looking at it at all costs even when I was pregnant with my daughter a couple years ago, solely because of the price tag. But, I’ve got to tell you (and hand it to UPPAbaby) – this stroller is truly amazing! After doing plenty of research and taking all the other options out for a test drive, I think it’s worth every penny and checks everything off my list:

  • Seating options: oh the options are just wonderful! Use it as single stroller with a bassinet, car seat or toddler seat. Or use it as a double with a bassinet, car seat or toddler seat with a second rear or forward facing rumble seat. I love all the options and have used all 10 configurations!

Image result for uppababy vista 2015

  • Grows with your family: it’s a single, no it’s a double, oh wait it’s a triple (by adding the piggyback)!
  • Comfortable for my little darlings: well in my case, my daughter just needed to have enough head room, which oddly seemed to be a challenge. Sure she’s on the taller side of the height spectrum, but she’s not a freak, so why was this an obstacle?
  • Stylish (yep, I said it): those of you who know me, know I have a tendency to really care about how something – I know, so vain sometimes – and, my stroller was no exceptions. Sometimes at the expense of practicality? Sadly sometimes yes. But, in this case, there’s no compromise – it’s both stylish and totally practical!
  • Ease of maneuverability: I don’t want to have to battle my stroller (getting through doorways, fitting in aisles, turning corners, etc.)  – I just don’t have patience for that, and this stroller glides like an absolute dream – even with 2 children in it!
  • As lightweight as possible: I understand that with a double comes several added pounds to compensate for the extra weight capacity, I get it. But, I don’t think a stroller should be so heavy that it’s near impossible to lift. The UPPAbaby Vista is a solid stroller, but still fairly easy to lift (and get in and out of my SUV).
  • This stroller has it all: there’s really no need for multiple strollers when you have this one – it gives you all the options! However, it is full-sized, so the only other stroller I’d consider getting would be a lightweight umbrella stroller.


Below is a list of the other contenders (along with my reasoning for not choosing them):

Baby Jogger City Select:

  • Pros: similar concept/design to the UPPAbaby Vista, which I obviously love (so similar pros to the those listed above), and a little less expensive.
  • Cons: heavier and short seat back – I was pretty much all about it, until I placed my daughter inside the second seat – she barely fit at 16 months old!

Contours Options Elite:

  • Pros: price and seating options – talk about bang for your buck! 
  • Cons: super heavy – I couldn’t pick it up! Okay yes, I’m kind of a weakling, but I didn’t want to struggle every time I had to haul that thing in and out of my SUV.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT: Side-by-Side

  • Pros: wonderful like all the other Baby Jogger strollers out there – car seat compatible, easy to maneuver, has a ton of headroom with a great recline and super easy to fold.
  • Cons: none really – just decided against a side-by-side.

In my opinion, the stroller you decide to purchase is kind of a big deal! So, find out what features are important to you and do your research. Or if you don’t have the time or energy, I hope the research I’ve already done is helpful!


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