Dinnertime Just Became Much Easier

When it comes to meal planning and cooking dinner for my family, I completely fail as a wife and mother. To be honest, it overwhelms me – all of it –  the planning, the grocery shopping, ensuring that the meal is healthy, and especially the cooking – so yea, everything! And now that I have two little ones to tend to, I’m just that much worse! Oh, my poor husband. After a full, hard day at the office, he has to come home and ask “what are we doing for dinner?” and sadly 9 times out of 10, I’ll reply “I have no idea – haven’t even thought about it yet.” So, he’s typically forced to whip something together for us. Bad wife!

So, when I was invited to a Wildtree meal preparation workshop, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try to turn around this flaw of mine. If you aren’t familiar with Wildtree, it a nutshell it’s a company devoted to making meals and products that are simple, healthy and natural – three of my favorite words! And for those of you dealing with nut allergies – all of their products are nut free and about 75% are certified gluten-free and USDA organic. So awesome!

Here’s what you can expect when attending a workshop:


Pre-party: Once you’ve signed up and pre-paid for your kit (about $50), you’ll receive an email with a grocery shopping list and preparation instructions. Honestly, at first it may seem a little overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive, but I promise it will save you a ton of time, energy and money in the long run! And, to make your preparation even easier, there’s now an option to purchase natural or organic meat from their preferred butcher – who will not only prepare the meat for you ahead of time, he’ll also drop it off for you at the host’s house! So convenient!

Party: When you attend your workshop, you’ll prepare 10 meals by mixing your prepped meat and produce with the ingredients provided in the kit you’ll receive at the party. While you measure and mix, you’ll sip on some wine, sample some food and socializing with some friends! So fun!

Post-party: You’ll leave with 10 premade meals (or possible 20, if you split each meal in half), the remaining contents of your kit, and some new friends! Score!

I have now attended two workshops and I’m kind of scratching my head as to why I haven’t gone to more or hosted one of my own yet – they’re awesome! I feel so good about having a plethora of healthy meals for my family right at my fingers tips and no longer having to burden my husband with the added responsibility of cooking dinner for us after a long, hard day at work. Even better – I’m no longer overwhelmed or strained by having to deal with meal planning! Hallelujah!

In my opinion, Wildtree is a great option for those who value the importance of cooking healthy meals, but don’t have the time and energy to constantly worry about everything that’s involved in planning and preparing wholesome meals. I think this might just be what I needed to make my life that much easier – well, when it comes to dinnertime at least.


P.S. If you’re interested in purchasing products and/or hosting your own workshop, and need a representative, mine is Liz Franklin: mywildtree.com/elizabethfranklin

P.P.S. Please note that I did not receive any sort of incentive from Wildtree for this post – I only share what I genuinely like!

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