My Loveys’ Favorite Loveys

Apple Park Organic Farm Buddies are the best! And I have my mother-in-law to thank. Penelope the Pig was one of the many adorable gifts from her, but definitely was (and still is) my daughter's favorite! She loves it so much that we ended up buying Frenchie the Fox for her to give to her... Continue Reading →

My Struggle Transitioning From One to Two Kids

If you ask most mamas that have more than two kids, it seems that the majority of them will tell you that they had the hardest time transitioning from none to one. Since, I transitioned from none to one surprisingly very easily, I thought going from one to two would be kind of a breeze.... Continue Reading →

Flame Retardants In Kids Pajamas?!

With the sudden nip in the air, it's tempting to put my little ones in cozy fleece pajamas. They're just so warm and soft! However, last Winter I started noticing the flame retardant tags that inevitably seems to be attached to the majority of them. So I stopped, knowing full well of the dangers linked... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Safer Skincare Products

You’ve probably heard this before, but I’ll tell you again - your skin is your body’s largest organ and absorbs about 60% of the products applied topically. Sadly, many mainstream companies knowingly inject extremely harmful ingredients/chemicals to the very products that we’re slathering all over ourselves (and worse, our children) all day, every day! To make... Continue Reading →

Air-Purifying Houseplants

As much as I try to rid my home of as many indoor toxins as possible, I know very well that it is impossible eliminate them completely. We live in a toxic world. I get it. Luckily, there are simple ways to achieve cleaner air in your home. One of my favorite ways is with air purifying... Continue Reading →

Better Bedding for Baby

Have you ever stopped to think about the safety of your mattress - more importantly, your little one’s!? I really hadn't given it much thought either, however, the more reading I did about living a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle, the more I began to learn about the potential dangers of toxic mattresses - yikes! Please... Continue Reading →

A Healthier Smash Cake

I can not believe my daughter is turning 2 tomorrow! Seriously, how has it already been 1 year since we celebrated her first birthday?! In honor of her birthday, I thought this was a fitting time to share last year's healthier smash cake recipe. Being the somewhat-of-a-health-conscious protective mama bear that I am (especially during my... Continue Reading →

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